About Us

Hello there, thank you for dropping by. Time is very precious and we don’t take yours for granted.

Black Moms Daily (BMD) was created out of love for the black moms’ community. As black moms, we wanted a place where we can celebrate (every milestone, every accomplishment), encourage, inspire, inform and educate one another by telling our stories and talking about the things that matter most to us — our kids, our families, our careers, our businesses, and everything in between. After two years of successfully growing our Instagram and Twitter pages, we wanted more than just a place to share photos and videos. We wanted a place where black moms can go to and feel at home. A place where they can identify with the things that they see and read. A place where they wouldn’t be judged or made to feel less. A place of no competition. A place where they can learn and grow. A place that will constantly remind them that it is absolutely okay to be imperfect and to make mistakes. A place where they will find a tribe to draw strength from especially during those low moments when they feel uninspired and tired. A place where they are permitted to be the best version of themselves. A place of true love and respect. A village made up nothing but pure and strong melanin beauties and brains. BMD hopes to be that place and more.

BMD was first launched in September 2018 but due to some technical issues, it was shut down after a few months. It was relaunched in July 2019.

At BMD, everyone is welcome to share their stories. To share yours today, click HERE to go to our story submission page or email: content@blackmomsdaily.com

We hope you stick around. Cheers to you and yours!