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“I figured out the hard way that panicking only made the pain worse” – New mom, Tayler Chantel shares her birth story

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Tayler Chantel‘s maternity shoot was yellow, white and gold themed and from the moment we saw the images on Instagram we thought: this is one the most beautiful. We immediately wanted to share the images as well as her birth story with y’all. Tayler, a YouTuber welcomed her baby girl Lauryn in March 2019 and below is her beautiful birth story……

Who would have thought I would become a mom at 25; a single mom at that. Life was just all about traveling, working and having fun. I’ve been working as a mail carrier for 5 years and dancing as a side hustle. When I found out I was pregnant I was beyond excited, but also nervous not knowing what was to come. I was so in tune with my body before the pregnancy that I knew right away something felt different. Of course, I started to notice physical changes: breast growth, green veins through my breast, cravings, menstrual cramps with no period, slight headaches, etc.

Although my pregnancy started off rough, it was a really great pregnancy overall. Did I feel like myself? Yes, and no. My first trimester was really hard because I was sick every day. I was throwing up, dizzy, feeling faint, sleepy all of the time, and I lost my appetite so I couldn’t really eat as much. It was just really hard to get out of bed. Standing in the sun for that first couple of months was really difficult so I missed a lot of work in my first trimester. I’ll definitely say that the first trimester was the worst. I remember just being so excited each week to see the different steps and how much my baby had grown. I loved going to the appointments. They were perfect getting to see and hear my angel.
I did run into a complication. I believe it was some time in my second trimester. My doctor told me that I was being referred to see a “Peri Doctor” I’m like… a what now?! I was referred to a perinatal (high risk) doctor because of an abnormal ultrasound I had one day. My daughter had developed choroid plexus cysts (cyst in the brain). I was horrified, although many healthy babies are born with no complications or disabilities even if the cysts don’t dissolve before birth. However, there was still a possibility that my baby could have been born with Edwards syndrome -a type of life treating disability. Because I ran into this complication, I had more doctor’s visits and ultrasounds done than the average expecting mom. It was a very stressful time for me. No Mother wants to hear their baby is at risk for anything! The cyst ended up dissolving in my third trimester by the grace of God.

Once I got my first trimester out of the way, my pregnancy was a breeze. It flew by so quickly because I worked throughout the entire 40 weeks. My biggest fear was the thought of my water breaking while I was out on my mail route (laughing).
I literally worked up until my due date. My baby was due on a Tuesday, so I designated the Monday prior as my last day at work. Lauryn was being a stubborn baby and didn’t want to come out just yet. I actually ended up having to check myself into the hospital the following week (41 weeks) to induce the labor. So, yeah I lied. Labor and induction was also a big fear of mine. When I reached the hospital, I was alone and nervous. My mom, stepdad, and one of my closest friends Brandi came during the beginning of the induction. I remember laying in the bed when my parents and friend left that night so terrified. I was thinking there’s only one way out now. I’d heard so many horror stories about being induced. To my surprise, my experience wasn’t horrible. I was able to eat one last time during the induction. The nurses were very nice and friendly. My nurse told me that I wouldn’t be having a baby until the next day sometime in the afternoon. Let’s just say they were wrong!

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I checked into the hospital at 5 pm on March 11, 2019, at 9 pm. That night, the nurse started the first step of induction using Cervidil, a vaginal insert that basically softens the cervix and jumpstarts labor. Before I went in, I was not dilated at all, not 1 centimeter. The nurse told me that the Cervidil was staying in for 12 hours. So I made myself comfortable, I literally just laid on the bed watching tv and texting that night until I finally fell asleep. Around 1 am I woke up to mild period cramps. By 3 am I remember texting my mom and sister saying I was dilating already the pain was intense and I believe I was already up to 3 or 4 centimeters. By 6 am I was already to 7cm screaming for the epidural. I was in so much pain I began vomiting. The pain was getting to be unbearable for me. I was in the room alone during this entire time trying to relax and focus on my breathing. I figured out the hard way that panicking only made the pain much worse. By 6:30/6:45 I finally received the epidural and was at ease. I could feel the pain fading away literally. I finally was able to sleep. My doctor came into the room at about 8 am to check on me since I was given the epidural. That’s when everything began to move fast. My daughter’s heart rate started dropping, and before I knew it they couldn’t find it at all. I was rushed out of the room so quickly I only had a chance to make one phone call to say I was having a c-section and that baby was on the way.

My beautiful Lauryn was born at 8:35 am on March 12, 2019. Lauryn is my first baby, so I’ll say my labor was very quick but also very painful.

Bringing Lauryn home was exciting and different. Having a little small person in my apartment waking up at random times and making so much noise took getting used to, but I loved every second of it. I was made to be a mother. I was told this during my stay, after birthing her, and I felt it the moment I brought her home. I immediately hopped into mother mode waiting on my daughter anytime she cried. The best part of motherhood for me is just seeing Lauryn grow and learns. These babies start off as just cells, and from day one we see a cell turn into a heartbeat. Then, a heartbeat turns into a little tadpole. That is my favorite part! The gift of being able to witness such greatness, and raise this bundle of joy that I created. It’s really beautiful, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. To Lauryn, I am the world, and that’s the most amazing feeling. Being a mother doesn’t come with a manual.

Us as women we are superheroes. And I just want any pregnant mom, new mom, or any woman who wants to be a mother in the future to know that it takes patience and love. Pay attention to your baby. No ones know your baby more than you know your baby. So that means no one knows what’s best more than you. It isn’t an easy job, and it is a never-ending job but we are strong enough and we are smart enough. If you’re a mom struggling to come to terms with being a new mom I’ll say this: make time for yourself still. Don’t feel guilty we all get overwhelmed, it’s normal. Make time each day to relax, maybe when the baby is napping just make sure you find your “Me time”. It’s important. Having Lauryn has just really motivated me to be the best person that I can be. I’m ready to open up new doors and create new opportunities for myself and for my daughter. As far as work goes and just my personal life I want more for us now. I’ve always strived to have the best, but now it’s a must and I’m more motivated than ever before because I have a little girl watching me now. I want to set good examples for my baby girl, and I want to build an empire that she will grow and be proud of.

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