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“I studied for my final exams in law school while sitting beside my son in NICU” – Carrita Flie’s preemie birth story!

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Hi there, I’m Carrita L. Flie, a Chicago based mom and Founder of Raising Little Miracle. I gave birth to my son Isaac at 26 weeks as I was preparing to begin my last term at Washington University School of Law. I was working towards a Master of Legal Studies. I gave birth on November 10th. I was about one week away from finals and about 6 weeks away from beginning my last term before graduation.

This was completely unexpected. Thank God for my amazing family. The day after giving birth via emergency c-section, my sisters brought me everything I needed to finish my classes and homework from my hospital bed. Despite how difficult the pain was and how emotional I was about my son being in the NICU, I had to get this done. I had to finish strong. No excuses! My professors were completely blown away. I managed to complete all my finals and submit the recording of my closing arguments, all from bed!

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Now it was time to prepare for the final term. I knew I had to figure out a way to be present for my son as well as pass my classes. I needed to show him just how strong mommy could be! I sat by his side, did kangaroo care and studied all at the time. I’d bring note cards with me to the NICU every day. I stayed with him until it was time to leave for class. I somehow managed to do homework in between. After about 9 weeks in the hospital, my son tested positive for RSV and pneumonia. The fight became nearly unbearable. He was losing the battle and the doctors were losing hope. They prepared me for the worst. I was told his body was just too tired, he was just too sick.

I never stopped believing that he would pull through. I knew that in May when I graduated from WashU Law, he’d be there in my arms. We fought this fight together! I kept the same routine. I could no longer hold him because he was too fragile to be moved. But still, every day, I was there. And every night, I attended classes. And somewhere in between, I got my work done.

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We won that battle!!! We made it!!! As I was completing my last term, he was being discharged from the NICU after 116 days. On May 18, 2018, WE graduated from Washington University School of Law with a Master of Legal Studies! What a crazy ride!

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