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Identical twin mom, Katy details how she battled for her life in the most touching near-death birth experience ever!

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You can’t scroll through 9-month-old identical twin sisters, Jordyn and Jayda Robinson’s Instagram feed without your ovaries exploding from all the cuteness – and it doesn’t matter whether you love twins or not. From their cute little faces to their cute smiles to their adorable matching outfits – the pairs are literally one of the most adorable identical twin girls on the gram and they steal our hearts every single time. Their mom, Katy is one lucky mama and the envy of those of us who love and want to have twins badly:-) but the 29-year-old had to endure worst pains than the usual to bring them into this world….

“Early in my pregnancy I found out that our babies would be identical and because they were Monochorionic-Diamniotic “MoDi” – meaning they were sharing the same placenta. I had a chance of developing Twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) which is a rare, serious condition that can occur in pregnancies when identical twins share a placenta. I was deemed high risk from the beginning and my doctor kept a close eye on me. I was going in for appointments every two weeks instead of your normal once in a month. Every time we went in, everything seemed to be on track. Phew, thank goodness.

I was taken off work at 20 weeks due to me being at high risk and I was told to do little to nothing to help prevent any dangers to myself and the babies. My official due date was Dec 26th, 2018, I was taken off work at the beginning of August. At this point I didn’t know what to do with myself, I had been working 2-3 jobs for years and now I was at home being told not to do much!

Around 30 weeks into my pregnancy, my doctor told me that I was most likely going to be giving birth around Thanksgiving time. Multiples pregnancies don’t ever go the full term, which is completely normal. I was okay with this as I was assured the girls would be fine. My doctor wanted to get me to 36 weeks but he would settle for 34 weeks if he had to. At the end of my appointment at around 31 weeks my doctor touched my stomach and told me I was contracting. I knew my stomach was a little “firm” but I didn’t know I was contracting because I didn’t feel any pains! This was my first pregnancy so I wasn’t aware and didn’t really know what to expect. He sent me over to the hospital to do the Non Stress Tests (NST) to make sure everything was okay. It seemed to look okay and the babies were doing well so they sent me home. My doctor had told me if this happened again that I would have to either call him or make my way to the hospital to get checked again; they wanted to keep a close eye on all 3 of us.

So about a day later after that 31 week check in, the contractions started happening again, and this time the firmness of my stomach was staying for a longer period of time each time around. Around midnight that night my boyfriend and I called the hospital and they told me to make my way in, they wanted to monitor me ASAP. The problem was that at my main hospital there were no beds available for me at the time so I had to go to a different hospital and thankfully there was one right down the street from where I lived. So we go in and they monitor me and the girls all night. The next day the doctors decided to transfer me to my home hospital because that’s where my doctor was and they have a higher level NICU just in case the girls needed to come early! I was so nervous because at this point I was only 31 weeks and it was STILL October. The doctors just wanted to make sure all of our health was okay.

Just for precautions, I was given beta-methadone and magnesium sulfate shots to mature the girls’ lungs and brains just in case they needed to take the girls early! These medications made me very uncomfortable and I was bedridden in the hospital. There were so many doctors doing so many tests every hour of the day. After many blood tests and exams, it was deemed that I would be staying in the hospital until I gave birth, which could possibly be another 2 months, nobody was too sure! I was so upset because I wasn’t experiencing a “normal” childbirth. I didn’t have any bags packed for the hospital because again, it was TWO months early. I didn’t realize I would be going to the hospital and stuck there for so long.

I was at the hospital for 5 days constantly being monitored 24/7 when they told me on the 5th night that I would be going in for my c-section in the morning because I had developed preeclampsia which is life-threatening for mom and babies. I was SO extremely nervous and anxious. I was nervous for my girls because what if they weren’t ready to come out and I was nervous and having anxiety due to the fact I was about to have major surgery! I had never had surgery before and didn’t know what to expect, I had never even been hospitalized before my pregnancy journey! I gave birth at exactly 32 weeks; 2 months early.

The morning of my c-section rolls around and I hadn’t slept at all. I was SUPER nervous and anxious at this point that I was shaking, I knew something wasn’t right and I just wanted it to be over and wanted to meet my girls and make sure they were strong and healthy. It was time; I was rolled into the OR for my c-section. They took the girls out one by one, a minute apart, Jordyn first weighing 3lbs 12oz and then Jayda, 4lbs 80z. I briefly got to see them as they were whisked up to the NICU because they were premature and Jayda was having some breathing issues and problems with her little lungs. She was placed on a breathing machine to help her lungs.

During the stitching process after the C-section, I could feel a crazy amount of pain and I was super uncomfortable and knew something wasn’t right. They kept pumping me with more pain meds and it felt like a lifetime until they were done. When it finally was over, I was rolled to the recovery room where I was monitored to make sure I wasn’t faced with any complications. This is where all hell broke loose; I started to severely hemorrhage. I couldn’t comprehend what was going on. At this point, I was on so many pain killers that I was in and out of being able to understand fully what was happening to me. They had rolled me back into the OR to conduct a D&C where they scrape your uterus to make sure all the blood is out and so it can contract back to normal – one of the worst pains I have ever experienced.

After the D&C, they brought me back out to the recovery room and I still had severe hemorrhaging. At this point it was all hands on deck, nurses were everywhere. This was bad, really bad. I remember at one point I had a nurse come to me asking if I knew my name, what day it was, when my birthday was, and where I was. I knew at this point that this was serious. These are the kind of questions they ask dying patients! I was so scared. They took me for another surgery; Interventional Radiology, where they insert a lining inside to block my blood vessels to stop the blood. At this point, I was scared because I was having trouble breathing. Before this procedure, I asked before going “under” if someone could up my oxygen dose and if a tech could stand next to me just in case something went wrong, this is how scared I was. When that procedure was over I remember asking the doctor if it had worked. He reassured me it had worked and I was a bit relieved. They brought me to my room where I got to see my boyfriend and a couple of family members who had been eagerly waiting for hours to make sure I and the babies were okay. I had lost so much blood and my vision was not so good. I had these huge black dots in my line of vision and was not able to see anyone’s face. This was very scary as I thought I was going blind. My health just seemed to be getting worse by the minute.

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As my friends paid me a short visit, I started to feel like I was peeing myself and I had mentioned it to a nurse. She ran over and said I shouldn’t be feeling this way because I had a catheter in place, she asked family and friends to leave, even at my lowest point, I knew something was wrong. She lifted up my gown and saw I was still hemorrhaging! She immediately called in the doctor, the doctor ran in with an ultrasound machine. She puts it to my stomach and gets very quiet. She looks at me and said “Your stomach is filled with blood” she had this blank pale face. My uterus wasn’t contracting back to the way it was supposed to be, I could feel it bulging out of my stomach. I knew that now THIS was even more serious than it already was.

The doctor left to have a quick meeting with other doctors to make a plan. She came back a few minutes later and told me I had a few options. She said I could wait it out and see if the bleeding would stop. This was definitely a No-Go from me, I didn’t want to wait it out and bleed out and die, and I had babies I needed to get to. The second option was do another D&C which I refused because that was a pain that no one should ever go through and what would happen if that didn’t work?! And the last and final option was to have a hysterectomy (a surgical operation to remove all or part of the uterus.) My boyfriend and I were upset because this would stop us from having babies in the future. But this was a case of life and death so I knew we made the right choice, this was pretty much my only option, the only option that would possibly save my life.

The nurses rushed to prepare me for the surgery and in less than 5 minutes I was again in the OR for yet another emergency surgery. I went under, and the next thing I knew was I woke up a whole 10 hours later in the ICU with my hands tied to the bed with multiple tubes down my throat. My hands were tied to the bed because they didn’t want me to wake up and pull them out, I felt like a prisoner, I was confused as to what was going on and my vision was still bad. I wanted to cry, I did cry. I was still so scared.

When I was awake and more aware of what was going on, I was told everything that happened. I was told I had just endured 4 major surgeries and it was a 15-hour ordeal from the first surgery to the last. A normal c-section usually lasts just about an hour; I went through complete hell for 15 hours straight! That I woke up a whole day later when my c-section was only supposed to be an hour-long still blows my mind! I gave birth on the morning of October 31st and woke up on November 1st.

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I immediately wanted to know where and how my babies were doing! They told me that they were doing fine in the NICU. I was relieved but still wanted to see them. Unfortunately, since they were in the NICU and I was in ICU I was not able to see them until I was cleared out of the ICU which they didn’t know how long that would be. I was in the worst pain of my life, I felt like I had just been run down by 15 tractor-trailers.

3 days later I was cleared to leave ICU and go to the normal postpartum recovery where they would still need to keep an eye out for about a week or so. And I finally got to meet my baby girls for the first time; a whole 3 days later! Although it wasn’t your typical delivery, it will still magical when I got to meet them for the first time. They each grasped my finger with their little hands. It made my heart melt.

I am so very thankful that my babies and I pulled through, we are all so strong. Dad is also so very strong for having to worry about all 3 of us; it was an extremely stressful time. Although the girls had to spend some time in the NICU to grow, fortunately, they only had to spend a month in the NICU whereas we thought it would be much longer. Jayda was taken off her breathing machine fairly quickly as her lungs started to work on their own, she was so strong! Jordyn was a fighter from the beginning! I was so scared to take them home because they were still so fragile and small.

And as for myself, it took me a while to physically and mentally recover. I am strong, so I got through it. I would honestly never wish what I went through on my worst enemy. There isn’t a day that I don’t think about the day I gave birth. It was the best yet scariest day. I am just so blessed to be able to be alive and healthy, be a mama to my beautiful girls, and share my story. We ALL survived that scary phase and we all came out stronger than ever!

Fast forward to today, the girls are doing amazing; they’re thriving, growing and learning every day! You would never be able to tell that they were born preemies! I’m so proud of them.

Okay, so that’s our story, if you made it to the end, thank you for reading! We are all warriors in this household! And as for my boyfriend, he was there by my side and the girls’ side the entire time. So blessed to have such a strong man in my life! He is an amazing father! I love my little family!”

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