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This mom’s testimony of how she she became a mom after 3 miscarriages is all shades of inspiring

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Suffering a miscarriage can be physically and emotionally painful and can have a toll on us as it can be accompanied with all sorts of feelings: shame, guilt, anger, confusion, heartbreak, sadness, and even bitterness. Having a miscarriage can make you feel alone, dejected and forsaken. You may feel like the worst woman on earth and may wonder why God is being unkind to you. It may feel like the pain will never go away, and that you will never be able to carry a baby to full term, especially when you have had more than one miscarriage. It is easy to feel this way and no one can blame you for feeling the way you do. However, no matter your situation and what you may be going through, you’re not alone and there are better days ahead. You will definitely smile again, we assure you.

Here’s a beautiful testimony of a woman who welcomed an adorable baby girl after suffering not one, not two but three heartbreaking miscarriages. We hope it inspire you to keep the faith and hope for the best.

“My name is Jameika, I’m based In Margate Florida. After having three miscarriages, two of which were second trimester miscarriages, I found out I was pregnant. I lost my pregnancies due to an incompetent cervix. I was confused, scared, lost for words but I was happy. I knew this pregnancy was going to be the one. I took the pregnancy test in the Wal-Mart (I couldn’t wait to get home), then drove over to Ross and bought a set one onzies, one said Strong and the other said Brave.

I was about to start my core classes in nursing school when my doctor advised Strict Bed Rest. I was devastated, I was expecting it but I was also determined to finish nursing school with no obstacles. But I had to make up my mind. I chose my baby. I wasn’t allowed to bend, climb, lift or stand for more than 10 mins.

A cerclage was placed in my cervix and I was enrolled into the high risk clinic. I went to bed and dreamt of girl babies, to the point where I knew I was having a girl.

I chose to name give her a name I held very close to my heart. My mother’s maiden name “Kennedy”. I told myself that if it took my last breath, I would take my baby girl to this world SAFE AND SOUND. With spontaneous bleeding, contractions, back pain and every known scare a pregnant woman could have, I faced it. But nothing was greater than my faith, my drive and my determination.

After 21 hours of labor my beautiful baby girl was born. My own little human. My all, my everything. I didn’t sleep for days, because I had every fear of losing her. For months, I’d jump out of my sleep to check if she was still breathing. I had PTSD. I still do, but my episodes aren’t as frequent. I no longer question why I lost my babies, as my reward is greater than my loss. My loss is temporary but my reward is forever. I’m forever grateful and I have found a new purpose to life. God makes no mistakes,” she tells us.

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