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True confession: I don’t want to be a mom today

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Yesterday, we posted this image on Instagram with a caption that reads, “Raise your hand if you have ever felt like not taking care of anyone. Since we started working on our new website, I have been so busy that if I hear my name, I will act like I am deaf and dumb.”

“Then you shouldn’t have opened your legs,” came one of the replies. “I have never felt like this. That is why me-time is important,” another mom said.

I made the post to express exactly how I was feeling at that moment. I am not perfect by a long shot, but I know I am a pretty good mom. I mean, I do this parenting thing with so much grace because I love my child, more than I can ever express in mere words. I enjoy being his mom and performing all of my mummy duties, but sometimes, it can get overwhelming, and I am not ashamed to admit it. Yes, there are days that I don’t feel like being a mom. No, that doesn’t mean I’m not a good mom. It doesn’t mean that I feel this way all the time or that I will feel this way tomorrow, or even the next hour. It only means that I refuse to pretend that parenting is a walk in the park and that I enjoy every minute of it. Maybe some moms do. I know I don’t, and I refuse to be condition into thinking I am a bad mom because I feel this way.

I have the cutest and most adorable almost 3-year-old (if I do say that myself), and I am beyond grateful to have him. I love that he likes to run around the house and make so much (joyous) noise. Without him, my life would be boring, and my house would probably be as quiet as a graveyard. Having me-time helps, the only problem is the lack of a support system.

I will wake up tomorrow wanting to have his little hands wrap around me, even though they can barely go round. I will want him to call me as many times as he wants and I will be there for him, even though that will be like one million and one times. I will probably be the one to wake him up in the morning because I miss him throughout the night. I will probably ask him to share some stories or crack some jokes even though I can never make head or tail of what he is saying. I will probably laugh my ass off from listening to his jokes even though they are nowhere near funny. I will do these and more tomorrow. But for today, I want to scroll up and down my Instagram feed in peace.

~ BMD team.

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