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BMD couple’s corner: Justin and Kheri Monks’ beautiful love story will make you believe in love at first sight

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Kheri Monks is one mama that we admire so much. With a daughter that was born almost 22 weeks earlier, Kheri has inspired a lot of us (moms) with her inspiring preemie story and her struggles in the NICU. Married to this handsome man, the pretty mom of a now 3-year-old Gem shares her love story with us…

“Back in 2003, Justin worked in a shoe store at the mall. I’d pass his store every time that I went to the mall (which was weekly). I thought he was so cute and told one of my girls I had a little crush on him. Of course I knew she was going to tell him, but I pretended like I didn’t say it. I was like, “No…I said those shoes in your store is cute!” The funny thing is he noticed me back when I noticed him. After trying on many pairs of shoes I went to the back of the store with him….but not to be nasty, people!!! He had more sizes back there and some free gum to give me. We exchanged numbers and I flirted with him as he made me blush with the way he looked at me (still does). He called me that night and he’s been feeling your girl ever since.

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If only we were as wise back then as we are today. Due to some wrong decisions, I got in a relationship that went NOWHERE and Justin made the ultimate mistake of getting married for ALL of the wrong reasons. After the worse years of our lives, I became single and he was already separated. Oh…and notice I said “ALREADY separated.” Let me put it out there that I didn’t cause the breakup. Fast forward to August 2012 when our sister, Alexis, had a birthday party and decided to invite both of us to it. He didn’t realize I was coming in town for it and she told me he was going to be there that night of the party. Alexis knew what she was doing… I hadn’t spoken to Justin since 2006 and I wasn’t trying to start back talking to him either. Alexis would tell Justin that I wasn’t feeling him when he’d ask about me. The only reason I left him alone back then was, because of the ugly and stinky baggage he was plagued with back with at that time. Long story short…he walked me to my car and we grabbed something to eat after the party….we’ve been talking ever since. We started to individually seek Christ and He revealed so much to us. We knew each other in 2003 and had a real kiss for the first time in 2012. I played hard to get for real and it was worth the wait. Justin and I grew closer this time around. It’s true, in our case, that when you let something go and it comes back you better hold on to it. Nothing was keeping us a part this time. 2014… hubby got that paperwork finalized and engaged a few months later. He proposed to me during a Southern University homecoming tailgate. He didn’t even ask me to marry him. He got on one knee, pulled out the ring, and before he could open his mouth I was like, “Yes!” Now, we are living our BEST life together and going on 3 happy years of marriage. Through our marriage we have been fruitful and produced a miracle baby, Gem. God has been so amazing to us even though we didn’t start off right. Our relationship shows that it’s not how you start, but it’s about how you finish.”

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