3 major sex positions that can help you lose weight

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To lose weight, you have to be more physically active. So, here’s a secret, sex does count as a physical activity depending on how you do it.

There are certain sex positions to lose weight and you should take advantage of them. What’s more blissful than achieving orgasm while burning calories.

1. Standing sex positions

Any move that requires you to find your balance is awesome for weight loss. This is because your muscles work very hard to keep you steady and to do this, they need to burn some fat. Plus, your core is strengthened as well. So, even without moving too much, just trying to focus on not falling over can be beneficial. By the way, add on a pair of heels if you want those sexy calves.

2. Woman on top

This is the most common sex positions to lose weight? Depending on how you move, it can make for a pretty rigorous aerobic exercise. To get tone your hips and butt while pleasing both you and your man, plant your feet on either side of him and do an up-and-down movement. Basically, this is you performing squats on bae. Because you’re not standing up completely, it makes you work harder. You may not be able to hold on for too long but aim to go a little longer each time you ride him. Take breaks by grinding against him for that sweet clitoral stimulation.

3. Missionary sex

While some women see this as a lazy move, but it’s also one of the sex positions to lose weight. How? Well, it’s all about meeting thrusts. While placing both feet on the bed, raise your pelvis to meet him halfway. Or have your man stay still while you do the movement. This is a sexy move that is beneficial for your thighs

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