“It’s hard, some days I only get 4 hours of sleep in total” — Claims Adjuster on being a twin mom

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Black Moms Daily: Who are you and what do you do?
I am Claims Adjuster, I’m from Macon Ga and currently based in the Atlanta area. I Inspect damaged cars at homes and shops.

BMD: What was your first reaction when you found that you were carrying twins?
I actually had had a conversation with my friend and I told her what if it’s twins? I just feel super pregnant, we both laughed ?

BMD: Did you take any special care to cope up with your twin pregnancy?
No special care.

BMD: Did you have any complications during your pregnancy or delivery?
Yes, it’s called Symphysis Pubis it was excruciating pain in my pelvic area. Some days I couldn’t get out the bed or bare to walk. I couldn’t walk long if I did because my feet would swell within minutes. I actually was swollen all over. I was miserable.

BMD: Were your twins born Premature?
No, they weren’t.

BMD: Can you share your birth experience?
My birth experience happened very fast. On June 5th, 2019 I went into labour, I was so nervous just afraid of possible complications. Giving birth can be life-threatening. After giving birth the epidural had been extremely itchy to the point I couldn’t hold my babies right away from scratching uncontrollably. But they gave me something and it hit me like the flick of light so I felt so much better. The second I heard my son cry my heart just swelled up. This pregnancy was so hard definitely a big test in my life.

BMD: What are the ups and downs of being a twin mom?
It’s hard, some days I only get 4 hours of sleep in total. Their sleep pattern is different sometimes so I’m constantly on the clock. I also have a 5-year-old daughter that needs me also.

BMD: What’s your typical day like?
A typical day I get up at 6, get my daughter ready to get on the bus by 7. I have to get the twins loaded up too just to take her to the bus stop or some time to school if I oversleep. Get back home unload them, feed them, bathe them and then they’ll sleep from 9-12 if I’m lucky which I’m not sometimes. I have to cook and clean as well, so by the time I get done doing that it will be time for me to load them back up to get my daughter from the bus stop. She gets home at 3. I’ll fix her something to eat. Talk to her l, give her time, then try to take a nap at least for 30 mins to an hour. Then get up to get my daughter ready for bed. Feed, bathe, get her clothes ready, and tuck her in bed. The twins will go down around 9 wakes up 12 go down 1 wake up 3:30 go down 5 then it’s almost time for me to get up at 6 so I’m just up. And they don’t always sleep at the same time. I always have an all-nighter out of the 2.

BMD: What fascinates you the most about twins (especially your own)?
That I actually carried them and delivered them, TWO WHOLE PEOPLE

BMD: What was the biggest fear you had going into twin motherhood?
The fear of me doing it alone, which became a reality but I’m maintaining.

BMD: What has surprised you the most about your twins?
That they are so advanced. They were holding their head up at week 1. Rolled over month 1. Holding their bottle month 2. Cooing month 1. They sometimes cry at the same exact time like it was planned.

BMD: What is the number one myth about having twins you would like to debunk?
Not sure

BMD: Is there any advice about having twins you wish you had been given?

Don’t worry about the color gender items, none of that matters at 3 AM and you’re exhausted. Pink and Blue items do the same exact thing.

BMD: What do you do when both babies are crying?
Try to pacify one, hold one, while making a bottle, or rock both or breastfeed both.

BMD: Do twins run in your family?
Yes, my grandmother was a twin.

BMD: What are some tips/tricks you would share with a new (or pregnant) mom of twins?
Get a room fridge, bottle warmer, diaper genie, diaper stations, make bottles at night. Also, get the front to back strollers because the double-wide ones don’t fit through most doorways.

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BMD: Do you have any tips for breastfeeding twins?
Don’t get frustrated. Take your time. They need you. Stay hydrated and full.

BMD: Do you feed them formula?
I do now since I’ll be heading back to work soon.

BMD: What routine do you follow to feed your babies?
Bath first or change diaper first. Always use warm water. I also use a boppy pillow to prop them on and a blanket to prop the bottle up.

BMD: What will be your supporting words for expecting and new twin moms?
You can do it!!!!

BMD: Have you ever been overwhelmed with mommy guilt and felt that you couldn’t do justice to your twin mom role?
Yes, I have.

BMD: How did you overcome it?
I had to encourage myself to pull it together especially while going through a divorce with their father and having postpartum depression and 2 months old twins is a lot. I had to be strong, they need me.

BMD: Who would you say is your biggest support system?
My biggest support system has been God honestly he saw me through this and continues to do so.

BMD: How would you describe motherhood in your own words?
It’s tiring but worth it. You are your kids Superwoman in their eyes.

BMD: What has being a mom taught you?
Being a mom has taught me that even though you’re superwoman you can’t save the world in one day. Everything won’t get accomplished some days.

BMD: How much does it cost to raise twins?
That varies. Some people may have help or assistance but without it, a whole lot at one time.

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