Mom Crush Monday: Meet the mom of 5 who’s still serving body goals at 60

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At 60, this beautiful mom of 5 and grandmom of 2, is still serving up body goals and we are loving it.

Talk about ageless beauty! Oreatha (Rita) Logan Zeon was born in Liberia, West Africa on 07/11/1959 and currently resides in Marietta, Georgia with her husband of 35 years, David Zeon.

When we first saw a video of the 60-year-old grandma on Instagram we couldn’t believe our eyes — we thought she doesn’t look a day over 30! But she’s 60 and with a body to die for:-). We reached out to her and she gracefully shared her secret with us.

“Praying, smiling, and loving others are my secrets to agelessness. You get back what you give. I give the world beauty and happiness, so God blesses me with those things,” she tells us.

Mrs Zeon has been a Clinical Care partner for 26 years but her main job/passion is cooking. She produces good African cooking for weddings, graduations, funerals, etc.

On motherhood, Mrs Zeon tells us, “Motherhood is the best gift I’ve been given. I raised an engineer, lawyer, therapist, businessman, and designer. They fill me with so much joy! I’m so proud of the women and men I’ve created.”

The couple with four of their children

To young moms like us, especially those who are still struggling to come to terms with motherhood, Mrs Zeon says,

“Love yourself, have confidence, and pray hard. Raising children isn’t easy. Loving God and yourself is the base to forming a positive home. Nothing is perfect. I struggled with motherhood at first. I wasn’t sure if I was good enough. You must have confidence in yourself because YOU ARE DOING YOUR BEST. Pray then pray harder! You’re responsible for teaching your children core values, that’s not an easy task. Pray and God will guide you through.”

On the secret of her long lasting union, she tells us,

“a marriage is a partnership. Both parties must value each other, and play a part in the relationship. We have stood by 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. The scripture that discusses love is patient, kind, doesn’t envy, or boast. Patience and communication was difficult. No one wakes up the same person everyday. We all change and develop. You must have the patience to love and communicate with whoever your partner grows into.”

“Do not rush! Form a pace of love that will last a lifetime. Ask yourself, can I love this person on their worse day? Can I provide the patience it takes to handle all of their flaws? These questions can’t be rushed. You must allow time to pass. In the beginning, when we were dating, my husband and I would stay over each other’s homes for long periods of time. We called these periods trial runs. We had to take the time to get to know each other’s behaviors in public and in private,” she added.

We will be damn lucky if we look half as good as mama at 60 and beyond blessed to have a union like hers:-)

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