Johari Curry’s golden safari themed baby shower

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A new baby is a great reason to throw a party and for Johari Curry who was expecting a set of identical twin boys, a safari golden themed baby shower was an absolute perfect way to celebrate with friends and family.

The first time mom had her baby shower on Feb 10, 2019 in Berkeley, Ca.

“My baby shower theme was inspired by my fiancé he suggested we incorporate a greenery/jungle theme or animals in our baby shower since we were having twin boys, he loves the outdoors, and plants. I originally was just going to have a color-themed baby shower but my fiancé won me over with the golden Safari themed. The thought of it then seemed magical.”

‘ We had multiple games where the guest would have to drink from a baby bottle and whoever finished first would win a prize, and those baby bottles are so hard to suck from the nipple, whew babies have strong sucking capabilities lol. We also had a game where the guest had to list things that they knew about me(mother) as far as my middle name, age, favorite food/color and none of them got all the answers right HAHAHA!

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We did not hire a professional photographer, although we do have a family member who has a professional camera who took photos, I still haven’t gotten all of my pictures back yet LOL!

My fiancé wanted to hire an event planner to keep me from having to do anything and I agreed, but then I realized that my ideas can only be brought to life if I planned and designed everything. So I told my fiancé that I wanted to plan & coordinate my own baby shower, he was against it but eventually he had to agree with me. I put a lot of time and energy into my baby shower, everything had to be perfect, to the built green/grassy backdrop down to the gold spray painted animal props for my cake. I was so happy with the ending result of my baby shower. See photos below…

My twin baby names are Kairo and Kenji, they’re 6 months now and the magnetic energy of love I feel for them is surreal.


Photo credit: Instagram/jcxjc_

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