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Couple welcomes son after doctors gave them ZERO percent chances of having children

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Whose report would you believe? God’s report or the doctor’s? Latisha Kelly and her husband, Dominique who doctors gave a zero percent chances of having children are now proud parents of a bouncing baby boy named Prince-Dominique Antonio Kelly.

The couple who is based in North Carolina welcomed their miracle baby in March 2019 after nearly four years of trying.

The new mom and Accountant tells us,

“Back in September 2016, the Doctor gave us a ZERO percent chance of having children….. Well… After nearly 4 years of prayers, tears, mountains, and valleys, we are ecstatic to say a little soul has chosen us as parents! Just when we thought God had given up on us HE performed a miracle!”

The Kellys have been married for a couple years and now sharing their amazing testimony to encourage those still waiting and believing God for the fruit of the womb.

“God is able!,” the new mom tells us. “We are living proof! Don’t let a doctor tell you what can or can’t happen for you. Only God knows the plans for your life regardless of what the doctors say.” Adding that, “There will come a day when the blessing you have been waiting for will be manifested right before your own eyes. I know the waiting game maybe hard, but hang in there! There will come a day when what seemed far fetched won’t seem so far anymore. God definitely is FAITHFUL to perform His Word!”

Celebrating one year of finding out that they were pregnant, Mrs Kelly in an Instagram post earlier this month said;

“What a difference a year will make! The story behind this glory ❤️ A year ago today finding out that we were pregnant was a prayer answered. I remember this day so vividly… we were at the beach this particular week. My husband looked at me a few times on vacation that year and said “Baby you are pregnant” I said: “Bae you sure are being prophetic” all the while I was keeping quiet… I was feeling different in my body but wasn’t trying to get overly excited.

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Fast forward… on the way back home that Sunday night, July 8 we wrestled if we should test. So we contacted our leaders @pastahmac @ladyleahmac immediately… They had been praying with us all along ❤️ Without hesitation they told us to go get a test and come to there house. My nerves at this point… ok…whew! So I took the test and within seconds it said PREGNANT! The kinda praising God we all did that night. My husband teared up mouth wide open saying this is REAL!

Married Couples – We are living proof that God is a miracle worker! We are holding our miracle boy Prince Kelly. Just when the doctors gave us a no God turned that thing around said YES!

God never intended for us to figure things out on our own but yet trust the leading and guidance of Him in all that we go through. Call your miracle into existence! There’s nothing to hard for God! Trust HIM! Luke 1:37 “For with God NOTHING shall be impossible.”

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