Say no to body shaming! Mom of 5 shares candid photo of her postpartum stretch marks and it’s all shades of inspiring

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One of the hardest things about pregnancy is that the world expects women to come out of it unchanged. We set ridiculous standards for how our clothes should fit and how our bodies should look, even though we’ve just finished growing an actual human being. One mom is fed-up with the body-shaming, and she’s owning her so-called flaws in an inspiring post every mom needs to read.

Kiara LaShay is a mom of 5 including a set of twins, who recently shared a candid photo of her post-baby body on Instagram, as well as an inspiring message about accepting the changes pregnancy brings.

“Embrace your flaws. How do you embrace what you have a hard time accepting?,” she writes. “So many woman have said to me you’re so small after having 5 kids and most of the time I just laugh it off and chalk it up to genetics. But what they don’t know is I would have GLADLY traded places with them and the “extra” baby weight they gained. You can always lose weight but all these stretch marks are permanent.” Adding that, “I’ve cried rivers, purchased every cream, oil, & soap under the sun hoping to one day get rid of them.”

Kiara admitted that she had a hard time accepting her body. She cried severely and did everything possible to get rid of the scars.

“Learning to love me is a journey. A tough one especially when society labels you gross like you somehow how chose for your skin to literally tear forming permanent scars ?Yesterday I received my waist beads in the mail I was excited. I’ve been working to Adorn the parts of me that I dislike the most. To provide them with the most love and care. I decided to share my excitement with someone and the response I received was not expected. “Not like you let people see your stomach anyways”. Immediate response was hurt and anger because clearly this is tough for me. I cried. I ran myself a bath lit some candles and just sat there. After a few hours I made a decision.
Embrace your flaws. #MomBodAppreciationPost #adornyourself #selflove #stretchmarks #tigerstripes #normalizestretchmarks
Shoutout to @turquoiseandsalt for the waist beads!”

Kiara has been hailed by other moms on the gram with many commending her for being honest about her struggle and for accepting her imperfect self perfectly.

“Bless you for being bold enough to bare yourself… these are your beauty marks…saw the 2 beautiful souls that came from this and I couldn’t help but smile. They are worth it ???,” one mom commented.

“Absolutely beautiful. Every mark is a symbol of love for your children. Each line is like a story in history that helps explain their existence. It is a road map of resilience, strength and love, so much love ❤️. You are so gorgeous, thank you for sharing your wonderful body with the world. You are one strong momma. ?,” says another.

Another added, “You Are Made Entirely Of Flaws And That’s What Makes You Beautiful. Your ‘flaws’ are simply part of you, they make you unique and they make you beautiful. Don’t ever allow someone the power to make you feel weak because they might not like one of your qualities. On the other hand,embracing your flaws doesn’t mean you can’t improve yourself. In some cases, recognizing certain flaws gives you the opportunity to work on those imperfections. If your flaw is something you want to change, go for it!”

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